18 September 2016

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

          The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

Couples living out truthless mimes
Making comfort in ruthless times;
Your raging heart, your gentle eyes-
You learned so early to temporize:
Irrational passion may not seem wise-

-But it's true.

No matter how rueful the renunciation;
No matter the guilt by association;
No matter the undisclosed location...
It's true
And some real part of you always knows
That: Even when all of the doors seem closed:
I am the one for you

Whatever that thing that happened, was? 
Started out as a "why" and the answer's: "because"
It stayed in my blood as a physical buzz
It stays in my heart as a pink cloud of fuzz

You'll make the choice of a sensible stay-
And I'll make the choice to be truly away.
But baby, i will always remember today

As it was

There's truth behind bullshit, there's courage with fear
If you come and find me, might let you back near
And that is the closest this woman, my dear,
Can come to telling you I will be here.


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