08 May 2011

Mother's Day: A Poem and Appreciation

Mother's Day
(For my Mom, Toni. Now and always.)

Remember, on a Sunday, other Sundays.
mother, daughter, light and dark,
hand in hand, on the steps to their seats for "Coppelia".
"He's a toymaker, she's a doll, but she's really
a woman who has practiced all day every day
even Sundays
to be this graceful and delightful"
says the mother, fair, carnation scented, handing her daughter
the ballet program.
mother, daughter, fair and shaded,
wandering the Garden of Earthly Delights -in the Bronx.
"this vine has been trained, every day, to grow
into this arabesque of scented beauty", fair tells shaded, as hand in
they ascend the greenhouse steps.

mother, daughter, calm and angry,
balance as tightrope walkers this telephone wire.
"this love has been here, calm and angry, light and dark, fair and
every day, to let you have this difficult freedom"
she says

as hand in hand
they walk the wellworn steps, back up to love.
by Peri Lyons copyright 2011
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