27 April 2011

Wonderful World.-No, Really.

As usual, my day began with surrealism.

Am staying on my friend Erik's couch in the Village, a charming little mansion he's had since 1967. Erik Frandsen is the straight Cole Porter, a songwriter of bittersweet wit. And Erik has a New York Mouse, which is to say, a Mouse With Attitude. This is not Mickey. This is a mouse with a tiny leather jacket and a scale model switchblade. This mouse likes to stroll sneeringly across the floor in front of us and whistle "Lush Life". He's jaaaaded.

And this morning I stepped in the mouse trap.

"AAAAGH!!" I said calmly, while hopping across the floor on one foot. The other foot was being waved in the air with a glue covered mousetrap on it. 

"ERIK!" I shouted. "Why is thing on the FLOOR!"

"Well, that's where the mice are," he pointed out reasonably. 

I was grumpily scrubbing my toes in the sink. "Well, you should get taller mice," I grumbled.

From an undisclosed location in the closet, a tiny voice derisively fluted "Lush Life". And giggled.


Have decided that a good thing to call your informal boy/girlfriend is your "bounce".

"Meet the bounce."  -Right? Yes.

Pithy. Yet slightly raffinee. 


"Life has a holy contour."
                             -Jack Keruoac

     Keruoac has been appearing in today's particular series of serendipities. My great friend P. took me for a top-down ride in his gorgeous 1993 BMW convertible. We went on a frolic-and-detour ride through Gotham, and he pointed out the bar that Jack and Neal Cassady used to hang out at, at 47 and 8th. [Would like to take this moment that it wa the CAR that had it's tp down and not your humble correspondent.)

   Then I literally stumbled over a book on the floor in a bookstore (AFTER the car ride, that is. It wasn't a drivethru bookstore.) and picked it (and me) up, to find it was "Quotes from Jack". Well, okay then. Opened it to see what serendipity had to teach me today.
           He talks about "moviebooks" as the most American form of communication. It's funny to look at an iPad after reading that...what is it but a moviebook?  But "Life has a holy contour" is my new favorite quote.


My new book is writing me. It's exhilerating and a little unnerving. But mostly just sheerly exhilerating.

When I made a choice recently to transform my existence in a nothing-but-positive-energy-here-folks-please way, the Universe stepped right up to take my order. Making a complete commitment to something, is like placing a heavy object in the middle of a suspended rubber sheet....it bends reality towards you in a good way. The "heavy object" is one's declared commitment; the "rubber sheet" is reality. (Though it does sound a little kinkier, on reflection.) When one declares an intention with no loopholes or excuses, it has the effect of "rolling" coincidences down the "rubber sheet of reality" towards the "heavy object" of your you and intention. In other words, Good Stuff starts happening, if you're ready to be open to it in all forms. -And sometimes, even if you aren't. Just keep saying "yes".
        So: Suddenly, my work ethic and confidence, which had been off napping for a bit, came back.
They didn't just come back--they kicked the door down and ducttaped me to a chair, while they rearranged the furniture. Suddenly I was working 16-18 hour days, with huge enthusiasm. 20 pounds dropped off. The book seems to have it's own agenda, and is both dictating itself and giving the energy, clarity and focus i need to take dictation. It's very very cool.

       wishing you love.




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