02 January 2011

Two Novembers (hard comfort)

Two Novembers (cold comfort)                                         by peri lyons                                                          
For Betsy and Danielle

November now, when shadows hide their shadows.
Hard to remember now, as trees stand stripped,
And water pours out holy,and unholy, from the sky

That birth is coming: ripped and yet not ripped
Out, timely and untimely; That this cry,
will bring tomorrow running to our room

To make us see the shadows as they be:
The sun just chasing darkness from the sky
(The only story. From the only script.)

The promise of the tree is drinking rain.
 The shadow of the tree is not the tree
These tears will turn out shadows of this pain

This tearing birth that's heralded by tears
Turns into blessing, as this turns again.
So shadows, chased by sunlight, turn the years.

peri lyons copyright 2010
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