16 September 2010

Anymore: song lyric (peri's)

Well, this about sums it up. Switched up the genders: actually, it should be a male/female duet when sung.=PL xx

It's not something that is easily explained;
I don't even know what for.
We can argue who is crazy, who is sane:
I just don't want to anymore.
You want to reason with me: call me and complain
List all the good times from before...
I am sorry to be causing you this pain
I just don't want to anymore.
Look: Love is strange, and everybody knows that fact-
There's a helpful song for every heart that's broken;
Things rearrange: when love is leaving -and you've caught it in the act-
Then you forget every wise word ever spoken
Yes, I'm a heartless boy who's turned his back on love.
Yes, I agree now ,like before.
You throw your gauntlet down as I adjust my glove;
Demand just who and why and what I'm thinking of;
You ask me if I even know the cost of love...
Well, I don't want to anymore.
I just don't want to, anymore.

c 2010 peri lyons/valley cottage music ascap
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