27 January 2010

The True,Real,No-Kidding This Time Meaning of Love

Note: The National Enquirer recently printed an incredibly true story, giving the details of a lawsuit filed by a disbruntled magician,against the Rev. Jim Bakker. The magician had implored his young wife and assistant, "Bambi", to attend marriage counseling with the (sort of)Reverend Jim Bakker was incensed because Mr. Bakker assigned the case to his pastor, "Bob", a former soap star who DID help the couple achieve closure. -Unfortunately, Bob did that by running off with  Bambi. -But, according to a source "close to the people involved" [would you actually ADMIT it if you knew ANY of these people?],what galled the magician/plaintiff MOST, was that Bob and Bambi had taken with them-
(without permission) 
his "specially trained Kangaroo".
The magician's heartfelt cri de couer, awoke the Muse in my soul. [She naps a lot, my Muse.]
Herewith, a Pome:

kangaroo doggerel: a plea

How could you do
This to me, who
Has loved you so long!
Oh the disaster!
You ran off with our pastor
And that’s not all too!
When you ran, 
you took my heart
My money; most expensive art;
turned my heart deep blue
Was that you took-
You awful crook-
You took
My Specially Trained

I see you now, you three (-or two-
Just two without the kangaroo)
(Or three ,if you include him too);
(Or four:my poor heart makes one more);
All of us-I mean all of you-
Are riding into a sunset, ooh.
Just you and him
And me and you
And a wellworn
And of course
That’s not a horse
It’s way too cool
it’s our specially trained but
-who knew? so cruel!-

Now I am not a bitter man
But dear it does seem cruel
After all that I looked past
To  do this last thing too


I forgave you
When you strayed with my best friend
My catchers’ mitt
A vat of organic peanut butter
Some Filipino acrobats
And a cockatoo-
I thought it was just an amour fou!

But now I know better
Since I got your letter:
With a picture of You
And him,
that swine with whom you flew,
And worst of all
What hurts of all
It’s true
In the middle of the two
of you
is him!
Is Jim:
My Extremely
Specially Trained
And Ungrateful

By Peri Lyons, The Poet Who Understands. -Sort of. 2011
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